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My, How Chicago's Skyline Has Grown in the Past 35 Years!

This one's for all the skyline-gazers who've been bummed with the lack of new high-rise construction in Chicago during the recent downturn. A tip of the hat to Chicagoist for finding this video, which was produced by Roberto Meza, comparing views from the John Hancock Center Observatory in 1977 and present day. In that time, skyscrapers have grown like weeds in downtown Chicago, most notably in Lakeshore East, Streeterville and River North.
· Video: Growth of Downtown From 1977 to Now From Hancock Observatory [Chicagoist]
· 94th Floor | Growing Old [Vimeo]

John Hancock Center

875 North Michigan Avenue, , IL 60611 Visit Website

John Hancock Center

875 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL