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Award-Winning East Village Single-Family Back on the Market

Soon after it was built, this modern single-family in the East Village won a 2005 Citation of Merit from the AIA for its design, but will that translate to a quick sale? The modern, light-filled home has four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a large roof deck, and a two-car garage. The Studio Dwell website offers some insight into why it was designed as it was:

"This custom house required special attention to its unusually tight urban property. The property is approximately 20 percent shorter than a typical Chicago lot. In addition, the property is bounded by a large multi-family building to the north, a garage tight to the lot line on the east and a noisy public alley to the south."
To deal with those constraints, Studio Dwell built up rather than out, and although you don't see a lot of glass from the street elevation, there is plenty of natural light. The home sold for $1.38 million in 2005, and it's currently listed for $1.65 million.
· Listing: 915 N. Wolcott Ave. [North Clybourn]

915 N. Wolcott Ave., Chicago, IL