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New Smart Home to Open on Earth Day, This Time with Gizmodo

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Each year since 2008, the Museum of Science & Industry has redesigned its Smart Home, an uber-green prefab home designed by Michelle Kaufmann Designs, on the museum grounds and opened it up to the public for tours. On a tip from our cousins over at Curbed National we've learned some details about the 2011 Smart Home, which will open in a couple of weeks. This year, the MS&I is teaming up with Gawker's tech blog Gizmodo and the Andersonville antique shop Scout to redesign the home. Scout will fill the home with "vintage and 'gently used' finds," according to a press release, including a steel dresser taken from a South Side motel, a storage cabinet that spent 50 years in a Springfield post office, and a circa-1900 gramophone. And what sorts of gizmos did Gizmodo bring to the table? Some of the high-tech offerings include a Cybertecture Mirror that shows you the weather and news, and a solar toothbrush that works without toothpaste, using "electrons that react with acid in your saliva." The exhibit opens on April 22 (Earth Day).
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