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The MS&I's Smart Home is Open Again, and it's Prefabulous

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As we mentioned earlier this month, the Museum of Science & Industry's Smart Home: Green+Wired exhibit re-opened on Earth Day, and it is looking smart. Originally launched in 2008, the the uber-green prefab house on the museum's grounds was given a new look this year, as the museum brought in the Andersonville furniture store Scout to redesign the interiors and tech blog Gizmodo to supply the gadgets. California-based architect Michelle Kaufmann designed the 2,500-square-foot prefab home with a family of three in mind (specifically, "two parents and an astronomy-obsessed 10-year-old," per Gizmodo).

- Chandelier made from old CFL tubes
- Soil Lamp that runs on mud
- Solar toothbrush that works without toothpaste
- Cybertecture Mirror that shows you the weather and news
- Ping Lamps that "communicate via an Internet connection"
- Kitchen cabinets rescued from a U of C science lab and refinished by Furniture Revival
- Knoll chairs upholstered in RubbRe, made from recycled rubber
- A 'pizza garden,' with different slices growing different pizza toppings

That, of course, just scratches the surface. Follow the link below to see the full specs, and head down to the MS&I ($23 for adults) to check it out.
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