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Through the Kaleidoscope: A Colorful 2BD Condo in Wicker Park

There's nothing like a touch of color — or in this case, several touches of color — to usher in warmer weather. The owners of this 2BD, 1.5 BA condo went whole hog with the paint job, splashing all the colors of the rainbow on the interior walls and ceilings; even the front doors of the building are bright green. And you know what? It looks sort of fun in there. The building is located across the street from Wicker Park (the park, not the 'hood), and the building has a nice backyard. The unit has an enclosed porch, a working fireplace, and the kitchen and bathroom finishes are new and modern. The listing doesn't volunteer square footage, but both bedrooms are long and narrow (17' x 7' and 13' x 7'). The price (doesn't include parking): $320,000.
· Listing: 1945 W. Schiller Ave. #1 [@properties]