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Say Goodbye to the Main Michael Reese Hospital Building

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Tipster Nate Lielasus sent us these photos, which he took yesterday evening, of ongoing demolition of the main Michael Reese Hospital building. From the western elevation, it looks like a big bite has been taken out of it. Built in 1907, the building was designed by architects Schmidt, Garden & Martin. During the failed Olympics bid, Mayor Daley vowed to save the Prairie Style mid-rise. But after acquiring it, the city neglected the historic building, allowing rain to pour in through the caved-in roof and failing to secure it from squatters. In November, the Public Building Commission announced that the building was too dangerous to remain standing, and that it would be demolished. The city estimated that it would cost $13 million to restore the building and just $2 million to tear it down. "One more demolition contract," Jim Peters of Landmarks Illinois told the Trib. "That's our stimulus program."

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