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Parachutist Caught BASE Jumping from Waterview Tower Speaks!


The Tribune scored an interview with Shaun Walters, the British man who was arrested a couple weeks ago for BASE jumping off the unfinished Waterview Tower in the Loop. (There's footage of his Waterview jump about halfway into the video.) Walters apologizes to the police in the video, but it doesn't sound like he's quite ready to change his ways. "I'm not interested in dying — what they call living, with your own house and your letterbox with bills coming through every day," he says. "I'd rather be a free spirit." Walters has left Chicago, but he'll be back next month for a court date. After that, he has his sights set on Norway. "Hopefully they're a bit more BASE-friendly there," he says.
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Waterview Tower

111 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601