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Attn Furniture Companies: Ferris Bueller Home Seeks New Digs

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Highland Park's modernist Ben Rose home — better known as Cameron's house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off — is still looking for a buyer, and the sellers are offering a unique opportunity to furniture companies. The home has been temporarily taken off the market while some repairs are being made to the roof. The old furniture has been removed from the home, and listing agent Meladee Hughes from Coldwell Banker says the owners are currently working with several major furniture stores who are interested in donating some pieces that'll be used to re-stage the home in exchange for publicity. "A very sleek, modern look is what they're looking for," Hughes says. "The higher-end we can get, the better we will like it." The sellers are currently negotiating with a few companies (Hughes can't reveal the brands just yet), and there's still an opportunity for others to get in.

Last summer, a storm damaged the roof and caused some water damage inside the home. A couple of potential buyers made offers on the home, but a delayed insurance settlement from the storm damage nixed both deals. Hughes says the roof of the pavilion has already been replaced, new flooring has been added, and as soon as weather permits they're going to replace the main roof of the home and do some painting. The sellers are not planning to redo the kitchens or baths, though. "They're quite nice as they are," says Hughes. As recently as February, the 4,390-square-foot home was listed for $1.65 million. Hughes says she hopes to have the home re-staged and ready to bring back on the market by mid-May or early June. Follow the link below for photos.
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