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Wright's George Furbeck House Comes Back on the Market

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Frank Lloyd Wright's George Furbeck House in Oak Park came back on the market last week. But wait: That doesn't look like a Wright! Look a bit closer. The 3,000-square-foot home was built in 1897, during FLW's "experimental and transitional phase," per The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour blog, and it does feature some key Prairie Style elements that Wright would later expand upon. Chicago stockbroker Warren Furbeck commissioned this home and the Rollin Furbeck House, which is just a few blocks away, and gave them to his two sons as wedding gifts (much better than a microwave). An enclosed front porch was added and the third-floor dormer was expanded in 1920. According to the listing, the woodwork, windows, fireplaces and staircases are all original, and the kitchen and baths haven't been updated since the '50s. That pastel color palette in the living room looks like a holdover from the '50s, too. The home was originally listed for $1.1 million last spring, and it was later reduced to $799,000.
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