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Massive Oak Brook Manse Has an Indoor Garden and Koi Stream

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In the past several months, we've seen a Chicago condo with some crazy rock formations inside and a River North penthouse unit with an elaborate Japanese garden on the terrace. If those two homes had a love child, it would probably look something like the atrium in this Oak Brook mansion, which features a garden and a small koi stream that wraps around an island with a ficus tree. "I think the buyer of this home is certainly not going to be someone who says, 'this is exactly what I've been looking for,'" listing agent Carol Lee Cikanek told Forbes. "It's going to be the opposite. The buyer says 'I never thought I would buy a home anything like this, but it's just way too cool to pass up!'" The 14,000-square-foot home was built in 1987, and the listing says it has seven bedroom suites that each have private living room areas. So not only do you never have to step outside, it also sounds like you won't have to worry about running into the other occupants of the home. The price: $3.39 million.
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