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Incredible Lake Forest Home with a Five-Story Tower for $2.8M

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Several homes by architect David Adler have come on the market in Chicago's northern suburbs in the past year, but this one tops them all — literally. The Italianate home is located in a heavily-forested section of Lake Forest, about a half mile from the lake. Adler came up with a unique design, building up rather than out, enabling the owners to peek over the trees (although from the photos it still doesn't look like you can quite see the lake). Those that require an elevator will be disappointed, though, because the five-story tower is a walkup, and according to the listing it's exactly 101 steps to the top of the tower.

There is a private guest suite on the main level, along with a recently-updated kitchen, a workshop, and an artist's studio. A large master suite with a roomy dressing room is located on the second floor, along with a second bedroom. Then, you start climbing the tower. A fourth bedroom, which is currently being used as a workout room, is on the tower's third floor. The fourth floor of the tower, which serves as a study, has a vaulted ceiling and a mural by the artist Nikolai Remisoff. The fifth and final bedroom is located on the tower's fifth floor, and it has a studio layout. From there, you can climb out on the roof (which is currently unfinished) to take in the view from above the treetops. The home has been on the market for almost a year, and it's currently priced at $2.8 million.
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