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Streeterville Condo Goes Utterly Berserk with Custom Lighting

Most of the condos in 600 North Fairbanks have unfinished concrete walls and ceilings with fairly minimal light fixtures — but not this one! The owners of this 1BD, 1BA were clearly unsatisfied with the standard lofty look of the place, and decided to cover every imaginable surface with what the listing describes as "designer hand-crafted illuminated ceiling & wall panels." The resulting home looks sort of like a futuristic sushi restaurant, topped off with a set of matching oval-shaped wall-mounted shelves. The building's architect, Helmut Jahn, famously mandated some rules for building residents (window shades must be off-white, for example). Would Jahn approve of this sort of redesign in his minimalist building? The listing agent apparently thinks so, describing it as "Helmut Jahn to the 10th power!" Even with all the custom add-ons, the owner isn't expecting to make any profit on the place. The 740-square-foot unit sold for $470,000 in 2008, and it's currently priced at $425,000.
· Listing: 600 N. Fairbanks #2906 [Prudential Rubloff]