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CHA Report Seeks to Debunk Plan for Transformation "Myths"

Since the CHA launched the Plan for Transformation and began tearing down the city's public housing high-rises more than a decade ago, thousands of families have been relocated. This morning, the CHA released "The Plan for Transformation: An Update on Relocation," (PDF) which they've billed as the first comprehensive analysis of the "movement patterns, whereabouts and income" of the 25,000 families living in public housing when the program was started. "There’s a myth out there that we don’t know where our families are. We do know where they are," said CHA's CEO Lewis Jordan at a news conference today. "And there’s a myth out there that a majority of our families were forced out of the city, which is not true.” Why so defensive, Lewis? Other "myths" the report seeks to dispel: Former CHA residents have flooded the suburbs; CHA residents were unable to return to their original developments; and that the plan has simply moved people from one high-poverty area to another. Follow the link below to read the full report.
· "The Plan for Transformation: An Update on Relocation" (PDF)
· Where did relocated public housing tenants go? CHA report detail [Sun-Times]