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Lender Shopping ParkView East Development Site in Streeterville

In the late 90s, developer Dan McClean set his sights on Streeterville, and over the next decade he built several very successful high-rises, lofts and commercial properties in what's now known as River East. McClean's most recent addition was the 47-story ParkView West condo tower at Illinois and McClurg, flanked by a spiffy new 70,000-square-foot park built above an underground parking lot. On the east side of the park, McClean had planned to build another tower known as ParkView East at Grand and Peshtigo, but like many developers, he ran into a few roadblocks in recent years. He personally guaranteed a loan on an Atlanta apartment complex, which resulted in him losing his RiverView penthouse (which was later snapped up at a bargain rate). Today, the Sun-Times reports that Jones Lang LaSalle is shopping the ParkView East site to potential developers. (According to SOAR, a 26-story building had been planned on that site.) Just across the street, Related Midwest is planning to build a 45-story apartment building. If either of these get built, that park probably won't be getting much morning light anymore.
· Senior homes set for old Goldblatt's [Sun-Times]