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Indoor Murals: Attractive Decorations or Hideous Eyesores?

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Indoor murals: When done well, they can add a bit of color and unique flavor to a home. When executed poorly, they can make an otherwise decent home look like a kitschy diner (like this). Here, we have a couple of good examples in two condos that recently came on the market in the Gold Coast (at left) and Streeterville (at right). The one-bedroom Streeterville unit displays its mural with pride, advertising a "hand painted mural in dining area by famed LA artist" in the listing copy. As for the 2BD, 2BA with the vineyard landscape, the listing agent made the wise decision to ignore it. Murals like these shouldn't make or break a condo sale — after all, they can disappear with a few strokes of a paint roller. But they do set the tone in these homes.
· 910 N. Lake Shore Dr. #2416 [@properties]
· 1250 N. Dearborn Pkwy #16D [Baird & Warner]