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Don't Even Think About Trespassing on this Lake Bluff Estate

Look at that: A gorgeous Keck & Keck home on a 27-acre wooded parcel overlooking the lake. It almost makes you want to grab the kids, hop into the station wagon, and cruise up to Lake Bluff to check it out for yourself. The listing agent is one step ahead of us:

DO NOT DRIVE IN THE FARM WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT- TRESSPASSERS WILL BE STOPPED!Sheesh, nevermind. The place is still nice to look at, though. (See more photos here.) According to Crain's, the 7,550-square-foot home was owned by businessman Edward McCormick Blair, who passed away in December. The place is listed for $10 million.
· 925 Sheridan Rd., Lake Bluff [Griffith Grant & Lackie]