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Urban Sandbox Home Finally Sells for $540K Below '09 Price

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The last single-family home in Bucktown's Urban Sandbox development has sold, and — get this! — it has a sandbox built into the deck. Isn't that something? After sitting on the market for nearly three years (although some of that time was pre-construction), this large (6,163 square feet) single-family home at 1627 N. Wolcott finally sold for for $1.95 million. The Osterhaus McCarthy-designed home was priced at $2.49 million in 2009, but last year the price started coming down. As recently as July it was listed at $2.14 million. In comparison, the home next door, winner of a 2009 Best in American Living Award, is roughly the same size, and it sold in 2008 for $2.3 million. See photos of the interior at the Osterhaus McCarthy website.
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