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An Art- and Antique-Filled Victorian Rowhouse in the Gold Coast

It's always difficult to imagine how your furniture and possessions will fit in a new home. But when the current owner is a collector and the home is overflowing with art, antiques and other rare finds (elk horns, a boat shell), it can be even more challenging to look beyond the eye-catching objects and see the space for what it is. (Here's an even better example of this phenomenon.) With or without the art and antiques, this 3,050-square-foot Gold Coast rowhouse looks quite nice. The bedrooms are small for a home of its size; the master is just 154 square feet, but the ornate fireplace next to the bed (one of four in the home) looks rather cozy. The home is priced at $879,000, and the listing says it includes a courtyard garden, private balconies and exclusive roof rights.
· Listing: 871 N. Lasalle St. #3 [@properties]