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Recycled Photo Frames; Flower Dresses, Mars' Cheese Castle

And now the latest from Racked Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's shopping, style, and retail from the sidewalks up.

KENOSHA—After months of waiting, we head up to Wisconsin to see Mars' Cheese Castle's fabulous new turret and gift shop. While we were there, we had to bow to the sculpted mammoth wheel of sharp cheddar.

WICKER PARK—FoundRe has been making frames and custom furniture for years- owner, Raun Meyn finally opens a shop? well not quite yet, but we've got a preview.

GARFIELD PARK—Creative floral designers came out to play dress up and support The Garfield Park Conservatory with Fleurotica- a once-a-year flower fashion show.

BUCKTOWN—Swanky jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar, flew in for a minute to open his newest store and drop off some really cute taxidermy.