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Buena Park Heavyweight Claude Seymour House Hits the Market

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Prairie Style architect George Washington Maher designed a handful of homes in what is now the Hutchinson Street Landmark district in Buena Park, none bigger than the Claude Seymour House at 817 W. Hutchinson. At 12,000 square feet, it's roughly twice as large as the next biggest home on the market in Uptown, and at $5.19 million, it's almost twice as expensive as the next priciest. The sprawling mansion was built in 1913 (although the Koenig & Strey listings says it was built in 1999) and it appears to be in excellent condition. The place has six bedrooms, five baths, and a large lawn that wraps around the house. The home, which is full of original stained-glass and hardwood, looks spectacular, but is there a buyer for this type of property in Uptown/Buena Park?
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