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"Et Tu, Algonquin?" An Inside Look at The Algonquin's Models

Following up on our posts about Antheus Capital/MAC Properties' ongoing renovation of the Del Prado and The Shoreland apartment buildings in Hyde Park, MAC director Peter Cassel invited Curbed over to The Algonquin, a cluster of five Miesian 14-story rental buildings on the north side of the neighborhood, to check out some of the model units. Cassel says the level of finish at the Algonquin's model units would offer a good example of the level of finish they plan to use in The Shoreland and the Del Prado.

Visitors to the Algonquin are met with banners touting the kitchen and bathroom finishes with playful slogans like, "O' GRANITE, where art thou?" and the befuddling, "Et Tu, STAINLESS?" Inside, the model units all have newer granite and stainless in the kitchens, with dishwashers and breakfast bars. In the bathrooms, subway tile runs up to the ceiling. Cassel says that when new tenants move in, MAC typically offers to paint an accent wall for them.

Pricing at The Algonquin is as follows:

· Studios (400 square feet): $890 - $1,000
· One-Bedrooms (650 square feet): $1,135 - $1,400

· Two-bedrooms (850 square feet): $1,365 - $1,500When renovating the buildings a few years ago, MAC ran into some serious trouble with asbestos, which Cassel acknowledged. The company later hired a contractor specializing in asbestos abatement, and brought the buildings up to code.
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