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Cubs Opening Day Pitcher Still Trying to Hurl Wrigleyville Home

Twice in the past month Cubs starter Ryan Dempster has lowered the asking price on his Wriglyville home, reducing the price by a total of $350,000. Granted, the current price ($1.89 million) is still almost $200K more than he bought the 5,300-square-foot home for in 2006, but it does show a sense of urgency. The home in question has five bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a basement sauna, and a large wine cellar. According to Tribune writer Bob Goldsborough, Dempster put the home up for sale in 2009, soon after closing on another, pricier Wrigleyville home. If you're thinking of visiting Dempster's home for an open house, beware: The veteran pitcher moonlights as a ninja! "It's pretty cool. I wear the outfit around the house and try to sneak up on people," he told the Arizona Daily Star a few years ago.
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