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Woodard Plaza Meeting Tuesday; Lincoln Park 2520 Construction

CurbedWire is a roundup of new developments and real estate gossip around Chicago. Got some news or gossip? We want to hear it:

LOGAN SQUARE: See that cyclone-looking thing above? That's a rendering of Woodard Plaza, a planned plaza at the intersection of Milwaukee, Kimball and Diversey from Terry Guen Design Associates. Ald. Rey Colon is holding a community meeting about the plaza on Tuesday. [Active Trans]

LINCOLN PARK: Lincoln Park 2520 continues to climb at Lakeview and St. James. It's tall enough now that you can see it poking its head above the trees from as far away as Wrightwood. [Chicago Real Estate Local]

LOGAN SQUARE: Want to see some renderings of the Bloomingdale Trail? On Monday, architect Michael Wilkinson will be talking about some of the 26 designs from various architects collected in the book book Envisioning the Bloomingdale: 5 Concepts. [Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail]

Lincoln Park 2520

2520 North Lakeview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 Visit Website