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Serious Oenophiles Keep Their Vino Under Lock and Key

Some high-end homes come with gargantuan wine cellars that are meant to impress, while others are more utilitarian. Take this Gold Coast condo, for example, which came on the market about a year ago. The place features a wine cellar with forbidding metal gates, all of which are dutifully locked. Those little locks suggest that either some very precious bottles are stored there, or someone can't be trusted around the booze. Buyers haven't exactly been drinking it up (which probably has nothing at all to do with the wine cellar); in one year, this 3BD, 2BA unit has been reduced five times by a total of $286K to the current price of $849,000.
· Listing: 1550 N. State Pkwy Unit A3 [Keller Williams]

1550 N. State Pkwy, Chicago, IL