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A New Era of Urine-Free Streets Begins Today in the Gold Coast

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The Sun-Times decided to lead with a bit of civic-minded breaking news in today's paper: "A Magnificent Mess: Chicago's carriage owners raise a stink about new law ordering them to wash streets after horses urinate." The photo shows a horse with a diaper (but no catheter!). According to the story, a new law takes effect today requiring carriage drivers to dilute horse urine with "a deodorizing, non-toxic liquid" that's "eco-friendly, safe, recyclable, and non-harmful to people and property." (Recyclable? OK, sure...) The carriage drivers, who already unnecessarily clog Gold Coast traffic, contend that horse pee doesn't smell (because they "don't drink Coke or beer"), and they say the new rule will make traffic even worse. The rule, however, doesn't require drivers to dismount; they can just lean over and spray down the pee-stained street with a Super Soaker full of that urine dispersant.
· Big stink raised over horses urinating in Gold Coast streets [Sun-Times]