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Chicago's Celebrity Property Owners: They're Just Like Us!

Ever wonder what it's like to live next door to a famous person? Crain's addresses the question this week, proving that current and former members of the Blackhawks aren't the only semi-famous homeowners in town (although they couldn't resist including one 'Hawk — Pat Kane — in the article). The story offers neighbors' perspectives on living near Chicago's rich and famous, with gee-whiz surprises like, "Can you believe that? A guy like [Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster]—taking out the garbage!" and revelations like, "When you find out celebrities are open and nice, it's a feel-good thing." And buck up, Charlie Trotter. The Times may think you've become irrelevant, but your neighbors are still starstruck after all these years. Living near celebs isn't all gravy, though. Turns out, living under Secret Service watch in Hyde Park/Kenwood isn't that much fun. Nor is living near the Blagojevich residence.
· The celebrity next door: Famous neighbors mean bragging rights, extra security [Crain's]