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A Hinsdale Mansion with a One-Lane Bowling Alley

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Elaborate workout facilities and thousand-bottle wine cellars are standard fare for today's pampered elites (although only a truly committed drinker would ever need such storage capacity). But a one-lane bowling alley? That's rather uncommon. But if you're dropping seven figures on a home, you can't honestly be expected to roll a game with the plebes at Lucky Strike, can you? This traditional-looking Hinsdale manse was "fashioned in the spirit of euro opulence, yet tailored for today!" according to the listing. The place was built in 2005 with five bedrooms and seven baths in the home's oddly rustic interior. The home is currently priced at $5.1 million, which the listing copy deems an "astute investment for today and a legacy for tomorrow."
· Listing: 939 Cleveland Rd., Hinsdale [Adams & Myers]
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