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Chiseling Away at the Price on Lakeview's Rockiest Condo

The owners of this unforgettable rock-infested duplex have opted for the chisel instead of the sledgehammer when dealing with price reductions, but whoever ends up buying the place is likely going to have to take a jackhammer to its various "rockscapes." The 2BD, 2.5BA unit hit the market in November for $575,000, and it promptly dropped to $499,900 that same month (which is the same price we found it at in January). Last month, the price was shaved by $20K, bringing it down to $479,000 — almost $100,000 below the original asking price. That's a pretty impressive four-month slide, but given the design and the amount of work it'll take to restore it to a halfway normal home, we're guessing it'll be getting another visit or two from the PriceChopper this year.
· Listing: 855 W Barry Avenue #1B [Keller Williams]
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