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North Lawndale's Priciest Listing Not Looking Its Best

Anyone trying to sell a home in North Lawndale for $498,000 has their work cut out for them, but posting photos like these to the listing adds a serious handicap. The listing mentions "rich woodwork thruout" and stained glass windows, but there isn't much evidence of either in the photos. Instead, we're presented with a dark shot of some closed blinds, a picture of the back of a cruddy-looking kitchen chair, and a few other unflattering photos of the home's interior and exterior. "Make offer," says the listing. Here are a couple of facts to consider when preparing that offer: This home is about $250,000 more expensive than the next priciest listing in North lawndale, and no home in the West Side neighborhood has sold for more than $205,000 in the past year.
· Listing: 1958 S. Avers Ave. [Redfin]