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Whole Animal Kingdom Represented in this Orland Park Manse

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Nothing says "Country" like a little taxidermy. But why settle for a basic wall-mounted deer head when you can cozy up on the sofa next to a full-size black bear (or two). Out in Orland Park subdivisionland, the owners of this 20,000-square-foot mega-McMansion went whole-hog with the taxidermy, mounting bison, moose and elk heads, a whole herd of deer, and several different types of fish on the 36-foot walls in the living room. And that's just what we can see in the photos. With the heavy use of stone and timber beams, the place feels like it's been uprooted and transplanted here from its native home in the Rockies, perhaps Wyoming. According to the listing, the owners invested more than $4M into the home, and they're currently asking $2.5 million for it.
· Listing: 42 Silo Ridge Rd., Orland Park [Realty Executives Elite]