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Preservation Chicago Releases 'Most Endangered Buildings' List

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About an hour ago, Preservation Chicago unveiled the "Chicago Seven," its list of Chicago's seven most threatened buildings and historic places of 2011. We didn't attend the event, but we did click over Preservation Chicago's website, where the complete list can be viewed. The abridged version is below:

1. Prentice Hospital, 333 E. Superior St.
Threat: "While the primary threat is the desire of the owner to demolish Prentice, there is also a lack of recognition of Prentice as a great work of architecture. At just 35 years old, Prentice has yet to be properly evaluated within Chicago's larger historical and architectural context."

2. Children's Memorial Hospital
Threat: "The city and state have identified them on a variety of architectural surveys, but have not landmarked any of them to date, meaning they are still in danger of demolition and redevelopment. ... If these buildings are demolished, they will take an important and irreplaceable piece of the neighborhood’s history with it."

3. The Century & Consumers buildings, 202 & 220 S. State St.
Threat: "If demolished, not only will Chicago lose two important early Chicago School-influenced skyscrapers by two of the most important architecture firms, it will also create a lifeless void that will suck the energy out of one of downtown's most vibrant intersections."

4. Shepherd's Temple, 3411 W. Douglas Blvd.
Threat: "Sadly, this magnificent edifice stands vacant, deteriorating and without adequate funds for the long-desired dream of its owner to restore it to an active house of Christian worship. Once one of North Lawndale's grandest temples, unless its current pastor can raise the desperately needed funds to complete his vision, it may soon have a date with the wrecker's ball."

5. Chicago Theological Seminary, 5757 S. University Ave.
Threat: "The re-purposing of the Chicago Theological Seminary buildings by the University of Chicago is part of a larger current of change that could quickly compromise the historic Woodlawn Avenue corridor."

6. St. Laurence Church, 7148 S. Dorchester Ave.
Threat: "In 2005 the complex was purchased by Eden Independent Living, which hoped to carry out a plan, approved by the city's Plan Commission, to build a supportive living facility on the site, which would involve large-scale demolition of the site. While awaiting a new development plan, the rectory was damaged in a fire, underlining the fragility of this abandoned site."

7. North Pullman Historic District
Threat: "The North Pullman Historic District, created in 1993, is suffering from massive disinvestment fueling a scenario of Demolition by Neglect. ... Deterioration and desolation plague this once vibrant area, as windows are boarded and much needed repairs go ignored."