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Questioning the Low Line

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"True, [the Low Line] would be a creative way to add to the area's supply of open space and funnel pedestrians between the Lincoln Avenue and Southport shopping strips. And the design, which calls for native plants, a semi-pervious walking surface and solar-power light displays, could bring the now-forgotten space beneath the 'L' to life. But how about the ear-shattering roar of the 'L'? Or the inconvenient fact that the CTA rents parking spaces beneath the tracks? Or the fact that some homeowners have extended their side yards below the tracks, even fencing in what appears to be public property? And who would be responsible for monitoring this public space to prevent it from becoming a haven for muggers? And how would the city ensure that bolts and other objects wouldn't fall from the 'L,' injuring pedestrians?" —Blair Kamin, who also praises the Lakeview Area Master Plan [Cityscapes]