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Villa Taj Flooded! 30,000-Square-Foot Mega-Mansion Ruined

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The absurdly over-the-top Burr Ridge mansion known 'Villa Taj' recently suffered an epic catastrophe, Pioneer Press reports. A pipe burst and filled the 30,000-square-foot palace with roughly 6 million gallons of water over several weeks. How could a flood that bad go unnoticed for so long? Despite spending $18 million to build the place, owners Husam Aldairi and Rawaa Atta-Aldairi reportedly moved to a warmer climate when the home was half-built. In 2009, they listed the home for $26.5 million, but in August — the last time it was listed on the MLS — it was priced at $13 million. Now, they're left with a big, soggy mess. A real estate agent who was scheduled to give a showing on March 5 discovered the flood, which released enough water to serve the entire town for two days, according to a village administrator. Burr Ridge Development Director Doug Pollock says the home, which includes valuable treasures from around the world, will probably need to be stripped to the studs.
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