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South Loop Condo, Perfect for Art Hoarders, Drops $100K

This South Loop condo is "perfect for the art collector," says the listing for this four-bedroom on South Michigan Avenue. The current owner turns out to be something more. Michele Vasarely, widow of Jean-Pierre Vasarely and daughter-in-law of the late artist Victor Vasarely, is the owner, and she has crammed more art and antiques into the place than would comfortably fit in a home three times its size. In January, we linked to one of the more memorable Deal Estate videos in recent memory, in which Dennis Rodkin tours the home. The 4,300-square-foot condo is quite roomy, but it with all that stuff, it looks positively cramped. And the owner apparently wallpapered some the ceilings, adding to the busy aesthetic. After sitting on the market for nearly four months, the price took a slight dip last week, dropping $100,000. It's now priced at $1.39 million.
· Listing: 910 S. Michigan Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]
· Bienvenue to the South Loop [Deal Estate]