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What's the Plan for 360 West Hubbard in River North?

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The red question mark is back! Last week, the real estate newsletter Bisnow let the cat out of the bag, announcing that Habitat Company is planning to develop an apartment high-rise on what is now a surface parking lot at 360 W. Hubbard in River North. The building, according to Bisnow, will be "a luxury apartment building similar to its last development, Kingbury Plaza," which is located just around the corner, at Grand and Kingsbury. The folks over at SkyscraperPage added to the intrigue by noting that the construction company McHugh put in a bid to work on a 45-story apartment tower on that same site. This afternoon, a reticent Tom Black, Habitat's VP of development, confirmed to Curbed that the architecture firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz, which designed Kingbury Plaza, has been working on plans for 360 West Hubbard, but he declined to offer any other details. So that's all we've got for now.
· Segal in His Natural Habitat [Bisnow]