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Lincoln Park NIMBYs Sound Off on Webster Square (Again)

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Lincoln Park residents again convened at Lincoln Park High School last night to discuss the relative merits of Webster Square and — surprise! — some of those in attendance weren't thrilled with the plan. It's "like putting an elephant in the middle of a historic district," said resident Ernie Gutmann, even though the bulk of the development is adaptive reuse, so the elephant is already there. Not to be outdone, Ruth McDowell said the development, which would add density to the area, belongs in the suburbs: "This is the wrong thing for this congested, 19th century neighborhood. Go away. Take it somewhere to the suburbs where it belongs." Instead of taking it to the 'burbs, Ald. Vi Daley will take Webster Square to Zoning on March 22.
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Webster Square

550 West Webster Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 Visit Website

Webster Square

550 W. Webster Ave., Chicago, IL