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For Sale By Owner: A 4,000-Square-Foot Duplex in Lake View

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Selling a home yourself can have its advantages (namely, not paying an agent's commission), but it's pretty rare to find a FSBO listing in the million-dollar range. "Possibly the most impressive condo in Chicago," says the listing. We're not quite ready to commit to that, but it does look rather nice. The living room has 20-foot ceilings, walnut-paneled walls, and a two-story bay window. Upstairs, the master bedroom has a large, elevated dressing room that can be curtained off, and the third bedroom has been lined with built-in bookshelves and converted to a library. Maybe the beautiful architectural details and great location will help the condo sell itself. We think it's locate in The Eddystone, a 22-story Holabird & Root-designed high-rise at 421 W. Melrose, but the listing doesn't offer an address. The home has been on the market for a little over a week, and it's priced at $949,000.
· Listing: Lake Shore Dr And Melrose [Zillow]