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Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards Announced

We received a press release several days ago announcing the winners of the Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards, but the results had been "embargoed" until today. (Lord knows, Curbed isn't about to break an embargo.) Now that the award ceremony has taken place, we'll share with you some of the highlights:
· Architectural Excellence in Community Design 1st Place: John Ronan Architects (for Christ the King College Prep School)
· Architectural Excellence in Community Design 2nd Place: Booth Hansen (for Chicago Park District Fieldhouses)
· Architectural Excellence in Community Design 3rd Place: Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture (for Teen Living Programs)
· Outstanding For-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project Award: Holsten Real Estate (for Wilson Yard)

Uptown residents are sure to enjoy this passage from the Wilson Yard description:
"A small but vocal segment of the local community agitated against the project, calling for market-rate housing. But this creative and dedicated suite of financiers, troubled by the rapid gentrification that had already pushed many lifetime residents out of the neighborhood, was undeterred."Blair Kamin has the full release on his Cityscapes blog.