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College Kids: Cram Your Whole Posse in this Loft for $5,000/mo

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Have you ever wanted to rent a place where you could shoot hoops in the living room? Or where you could puke in the corner without anyone noticing? Here's your chance! This 6,300-square-foot loft is so big, it looks like you'll want to strap on some roller skates to get from one side to the other. The place has 8 bedrooms, but the listing says the rooms have enough space for "double bunks," so you could probably cram another 6-8 bodies in there. Keep in mind, though, that more people will mean longer waits for the unit's 1.5 bathrooms. Oddly, the listing doesn't provide an address, although it does say that the apartment is located in Lincoln Park, "right on Lincoln with a Starbucks practically outside your door." *With a bit of Google Mapsing, we find that the only Starbucks on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park is at Lincoln and Belden — a nice location in a pricey neighborhood (although we don't have confirmation that that's where it is). "Huge rooms are everywhere and there are plenty of surprises and hideaway spots," says the listing. The place is renting for $5,000 per month.
*UPDATE: Looks like our Google Mapsing was for naught. An anonymous commenter (can we trust them?!?) says it's located at 3036 N. Lincoln Ave. in Lake View.
· Lincoln Park - 8 Bedroom / 1 1/2 Bathroom Loft $5000 [Rent Smart]