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You'll Feel Like You're Under the Sea in this Gold Coast Penthouse

Recessed ceilings: When done well, they can add a bit of texture and mood lighting, without drawing too much attention to themselves. In less successful cases, they can make your apartment look like a casino — or worse, like someone slapped an upside-down swimming pool on the living room ceiling. The turquoise light emitting from the ceiling of this Gold Coast condo is rather distracting, but maybe that under-the-sea feeling is just the sort of distraction Chicagoans need at this time of year. The unit is located on the building's top floor, and in the summer, the owners probably forget about that blue light anyway, because most of their time is probably spent on the 1,000-square-foot private terrace. Buyers haven't taken the plunge, though, as the place has been on the market since July and was recently reduced by $200K, to $799,000.
· Listing: 21 W Goethe St Unit 19C [Redfin]