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Watch Our 10 Favorite Videos from the Great Chicago Blizzard

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The Groundhog Day Blizzard is so last week. Those pristine white snowdrifts that covered the streets and sidewalks last week have been replaced with brown heaps of ice and slush piled up at street corners. Parking meter enforcement is back; most of the side streets are in pretty good condition; and the 'dibs' thing is getting old. So let's take one last look at the storm that sent Jim Cantore into a frenzy, and then move on.

2. Footage of cars stranded on Lake Shore Drive

3. The Quadrilogy of My Favorite Snow Shovel [Via Deadspin]

4. Chicago Blizzard 2010 - From My Window by Rebecca Parrish [Vimeo]

5. Crash of snow covered truck into bridge [YouTube]

6. SNOW-SHREDA-MAGEDDON featuring Jake Zalutsky by RUBBISH [Vimeo]

7. Chicago SnOMG Time Lapse - Back Yard [YouTube]

8. Chicago Blizzard Skeeching cars [YouTube]

9. Sir Duncan vs. SnOMG [YouTube]

10. "People Are Crazy" Blizzard. Chicago 2011. [via Buzzfeed]