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Trump Toots Own Horn, Dances on the Chicago Spire's Grave

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If you're going to write a postmortem evaluation of the failed Chicago Spire, who better to approach for a comment than Donald Trump? Previously, the floppy-haired reality TV host/developer famously bashed Calatrava's twisting tower, calling it "a large, slightly deformed penis," and he predicted that no bank would be "stupid enough to finance it." So what does the Trumpster think about the Spire's grand failure? "I predicted [the Spire] wouldn't be built, and I was right," Trump told the Irish-American news website "Only I had the vision and resources to get it done and now my building is the biggest to be built since Sears Tower." He added: "I had good timing. I got my financing before the market collapse."
· Donald Trump slams Irishman’s Chicago Spire [IrishCentral]

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