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Work on Shoreland Apartment Conversion To Begin Next Month

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The Shoreland Hotel, which has sat vacant since the end of the 2008-09 school year, is set to get new life this year. Antheus Capital chairman Eli Ungar tells Curbed that indoor demolition is scheduled to begin next month on the 13-story building. We're guessing that demolition work will be extensive, given that the building served as a U of C dormitory for almost 35 years. Architect Jeanne Gang is charged with restoring the 1926 hotel to its former glory, and it sounds like she has her work cut out for her. "It gave me a heart-sickening feeling when I saw a large bike rack in the lobby and later, when I toured the old grand ballroom, it was stripped bare and being used as a tenant storage space," Gang told Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin last spring. In September, the City Council granted the Shoreland landmark status, protecting the building's exterior, main lobby and Crystal Ballroom from major changes. Plans call for converting the building, which in recent years housed as many as 650 U of C students, into 350 apartments. Ungar says it should take about 16 months to complete.
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