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Shorter, Boxier High-Rise Planned for Peshtigo Site in Streeterville

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In 2007, when Related Midwest was promoting the Ralph Johnson-designed Peshtigo high-rise, company representatives talked up the building's ambitious design, billing it as a refreshing departure from the uniform boxes being built around the city. Since then, the developer has gone back to the drawing board and returned with — you guessed it — a uniform box. Via SkyscraperPage contributor spyguy, some details about the planned high-rise have emerged (view more renderings here). Gone is the Perkins + Will design in favor of a boxier, shorter tower designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz (which has designed several residential high-rises in the immediate area within the past few years). According to the Streeterville Organization of Active Residents website, the new building 465 feet high — down from 645 feet in the original 58-story proposal.

The massive parking podium from the original design is replaced with a big 400-car garage next to the new building. On this topic, spyguy makes an excellent point:

"The lack of a rail system through such a dense area (not just in terms of residential buildings but all of the hotels, hospitals, offices, tourist attractions) is a serious problem that contributes to this parking podium effect, which in turn ruins the attractiveness of the area."Alderman Reilly sent an email out to the 42nd Ward inviting the community to attend a presentation by Related Midwest on the planned development this Wednesday at 5:30PM at the Sharaton Hotel's Superior Ballroom.
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