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Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House in Oak Park Gets a Price Trim

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Brothers Darwin D. and William E. Martin had a couple things in common (aside from having the same mom, of course): They co-owned the Chicago-based E-Z Stove Polish Company, and they both hired Frank Lloyd Wright to design their homes. In Buffalo, the Darwin Martin complex has been getting a $50-million rehab for the past 15 years; in Oak Park, the less-acclaimed William E. Martin House has been on the market for the past year, and it's still up for grabs. Last week, the price was trimmed by $40,000 — not a significant drop, but just enough to put it on our radar. The three-story home is taller than many of Wright's Prairie Style homes in the Chicago area, and it has 4,300 square feet of floor space. The kitchen has been updated, and a koi pond has been reconstructed, according to the listing. When it hit the market last winter, the home was priced at $1.57 million, and a couple of price reductions have brought the asking price down by a total of $190,000, to $1.38 million.
· Listing: 636 N. East Ave. [Better Homes and Gardens]