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Granite Lovers, Here's Something to Aspire To

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What you're looking at is a 9,000-square-foot duplex penthouse in the Riverview Condominiums (the west tower, we think) that was recently re-done by MOD Construction. This place isn't on the market, and we don't know who owns it, but it looks like they emptied a whole quarry into it. See how those columns and baseboards appear to be glowing? That isn't because of HDR photo processing; many of the granite surfaces in this place are actually back-lit. The home has a regulation-size basketball court and an oak and maple squash court that was "modeled after the one featured in the movie The Game with Sean Penn and Michael Douglas," according to the press release (a somewhat obscure reference, but what the hell).

Other features: The kitchen is crafted of myrtle burl, a rare, heavily-patterned growth that occurs on trees (they make guitars and knife handles out of that stuff, too). There's a large, all-granite steam room, a couple of 6' by 8' aquariums, and a Jacuzzi tub that seats eight. The place is big, but it looks like pool players will be bumping into the shoe shine chair as they take a shot. And lavish as this penthouse looks, it isn't enough to earn its owner's full attention; we've been told that the owner only lives there half of the year.
· Photos: Residential Gallery [MOD Construction]