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Rahm's Renter: "Would Consider" Renewing Lease

Thought you'd heard the last from Rob Halpin, the cigar-smokin' Republican businessman who has been renting (Mayor-elect) Rahm Emanuel's North Side home? Not just yet. Halpin told Sun-Times gossip columnist Michael Sneed that if Rahm wants him to stay, that'd be OK with him.

"The lease is up at the end of June 2011. I doubt that they would move back here, as it is a long way from City Hall and the Latin School, where we heard their children may attend. It is also a security nightmare as the house has abundant glass and open space. If they wanted us to stay on we would consider it. There aren’t any hard feelings on our part."That's good to hear. "Ya gotta be kidding!" writes Sneed. (Last week, Rahm told Sneed that he was planning to move back into the home.) "Memo to Halpin: Forgetaboutit!"
· Rahm Emanuel’s tenant wouldn’t mind renewing lease [Sun-Times]