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Pink and Paisley Times Infinity in the John Hancock Center

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If you're trying to sell your home, most Realtors will tell you that photos are a must. For some places, though, it might be better to just stick with a floor plan. This 83rd-floor unit in the John Hancock Center probably deserves to be enshrined in some sort of Hideous Hall of Fame. The mirror headboard is never a good idea, and in this setting it just makes a pink room pinker. (Note: there's also a mirror opposite the bed, so maybe you can peer into infinity — pink infinity!) Think the master bedroom is bad? Then step into the world of paisley in the second bedroom. Whoever decorated this room gets bonus points for staying consistent and going with the same dizzying pattern on the ceiling and bedspreads (but what about the carpets?!). If you can look past the decor, the place actually looks like a decent apartment. Yes, the kitchen needs to be redone, but it has some nice built-ins, and the price isn't outrageous. The 2,310-square-foot, 4BD, 3.5BA unit is priced at $699,000, which is on the low end for upper-floor units in the Hancock Center.
· Listing: 175 E. Delaware, #8503 [Southport Sotheby's]

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