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House Beautiful is Coming to Chicago (and Giving Away Chairs!)

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Chairs! Pink stuff! Treasure Hunt! Art! What do those things have in common? House Beautiful is coming to Chicago this weekend to celebrate the magazine's March "Power of Pink" issue. As part of the festivities, they're giving away at least 30 different pink chairs. From the press release:

On Saturday, Feb 26 through Monday, Feb 28, House Beautiful will hide more than 30 pink chairs from $10 to $3,700 in multiple locations around the city – everywhere from tourist spots like Navy Pier to trendy neighborhoods like Ravenswood. By following House Beautiful on Twitter people will receive clues to the chair locations and the first person to find the chair, gets it for FREE. Yippee! On Sunday, House Beautiful and the Ravenswood ArtWalk will team up for what they're calling the Ravenswood PinkWalk, in which "local artists will display artwork interpreting 'pink'." View all of the chairs here, and follow the links below for more info.
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