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In Chatham, a Replica of the White House — Only Blue!

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The White House is nice and all, but sometimes it just seems a little too white. In Chatham, someone addressed the problem, building a 7,970-square-foot replica of the White House out of imported Italian blue brick. It really is something to see. Aside from its magnificent blueness, we don't know a great deal about this home. According to the slide show, the place was built in 1966 and it appears to have been updated fairly recently with cherry floors, granite-stainless kitchen finishes, and new bathroom finishes. There's a home office, but — sorry to disappoint — it looks nothing like the Oval Office. The home comes with almost a half-acre of gated property (the gate, by the way, is remote controlled). The home hit the market in September for $1 million, and it was reduced in November to $899,900. Shaundra Brown, the listing agent, appears to be the owner.
· Listing: 8401 S. Michigan Ave. []